Dr. Aldo Victor

We provide the only
Augmentation Manipulative Therapy (AMT)™
in Cape Town & South Africa

Enhanced spinal manipulation therapy
utilizing anatomical designed biomimetic nanotechnology
and pressure-sensitive adhesive technology

We offer unique
spinal manipulation & localized cryostimulation
combination therapy with simplified pricing

Inflammation & oxidative stress play a vital role in pain and healing mechanisms. However, too much inflammation and free radicals cause harmful effects on the human cells, resulting in pain and delaying healing and injury recovery. Repetitive postural straining-poor posture, overuse, and trauma to the spine are some of the causes and contributing factors.

Localized cryostim therapy restores the normal anti- and pro-inflammation and oxidation balance in the spine and surrounding muscle tissues. In addition, spinal manipulation therapy mechanically and physiologically restores movement and reduces pain.

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Regular spinal manipulation is essential = Maintenance care

Individuals who receive regular spinal manipulation at intervals between 1 to 3 months can reduce the number of days with acute low back pain episodes and increase the length of pain-free periods. As a result, maintenance care patients experience fewer days with lower back pain than patients invited to contact their chiropractor “when needed”.

In addition, routine spinal manipulation of asymptomatic individuals once per month may slow down the progression of spinal degeneration and associated muscle weakness and encourage a normal range of spine motion.

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Dr. Aldo Victor

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